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POST requests to send to api.rewriter.tools

Send a task to rewrite text

Param: token - your token that you get in the control panel;

Param: text - your text to be unique;

Param: lang - the language in which your text is written;

Add. param: unique - check uniqueness (default as configured in profile true/false);

Add. param: double - double rewrite (default as configured in profile true/false).

If you successfully accept the text in the task, you will receive a unique ID.

        "result": {
            "token": "8aee7ab77891731083d21b853d6ef12ca044beff"
            "id": "00fd4b4549a1094aae926ef62e9dbd3cdcc2e456"

For this ID in the next query, get the result of the rewrite of your text.

Getting the result of rewriting the text

Param: token - your token that you get in the control panel;

Param: id - ID of the text you want to receive.

If your rewrite is ready, you will receive a JSON result.

        "result": {
            "rewrite": "Your rewrite",
            "percent": 43.02,
            "words": 2034,
            "spam": 20,
            "water": 34

If your text is still being processed, the result will be an error with code 101.

        "error": {
            "code": 101,
            "msg": "Your rewrite is not ready yet"

List of possible errors when working with API

101 - Your rewrite is not ready yet

102 - Please fill in the «token» field

103 - Please fill in the «lang» field

104 - Please fill in the «text» field

105 - The «text» field must consist of letters of the English alphabet

106 - The «text» field must be 100 characters long

107 - In the «text» field you have gone beyond the limit

108 - User does not exist

109 - API is not activated

A simple example on NodeJS

Install package sinoni

    npm i sinoni
    const sinoni = require('sinoni');
        token: "8aee7ab77891731083d21b853d6ef12ca044beff",
        text: "Your article",
        lang: "en"
    }).then(res => {
        console.log(res.rewrite); // Your rewrite